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Shirley BOWMAN

for Philippines

Neder KIM & Chedeq KANG

for Philippines

Haram and Seong Sil KIM

for South East Asia

Bible Translation, via ARILAC


at Hawaii, USA

via YWAM,

Women's Hope Center

for Women and Children at Risk

as our Urban Missions

Rev. Dr. Altaf and Mrs Kim Mi Kyeong KHAN

for Pakistan

Pastor Shilash and Susma TAMRAKAR

for Nepal

David and Kim BECKETT

for Mongolia / Texas 

by Good Shepherd's Ministry

Pat and Kathy TALBOT

for Indonesia

Gregg and Milee WAREHAM

for Indonesia 

Pastor Young Ho and Min HWANG

Church planting at New Jersey, USA

as our International Outreach

Isaiah and Sherie CHON

Great Exchange Ministry, Irvine, California, US

 as our international outreach 

Pastor Richie and Ju Young KIM

Pohang International Community Church

as our international outreach

POSTECH International Fellowship

as our International outreach

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